Ivo des Champs du Trêfle
born March 27, 2005
Hips: A-A, Elbows: A
Eyes: clear








Aug-25-2007 KSS Leif R. Hjorth, Norway CK - CAC - BOB  
Feb-04-2007 NSBK Jeff Luscott, England CK
Feb-03-2007 Miniatyrhundklubben Jean Lanning, England HP
Aug-27-2006 Klubben for større selskapshunder Guido Vandoni CAC - BOS
Aug-26-2006 Norsk Pinscherklubb Petru Muntrean CAC - BOS
Oct.-29-2005 Norsk Dobermann Kl. Frode Jevne BOS
Aug-28-2005 KSS, Bærum Mario Gil de Biedma BOB - 2. BIG
April-29-2006 NDK Stangehallen Rajko Rotner, Slovenia HP - CK - 2.best male


July 2007


Congratulation to Ivo and Bjørn for
the CAC and BOS 26th AND
CAC and BOS the 27th of August 2006!

Saturday Sunday


Ivo - 12 months old
Photo's by CdT


Ivo - 10 months old
Photo's by owner


Ivo - 5 months old


Ivo - 4 1/2 months old