Nordic Junior Winner 2010
Nemi des Champs du Trfle
Born December 1st 2009

Hips: A, Elbows: A
Eyes: Clear  







Aug-06-2011 Norsk Tibetansk Terrier Club Barbara Mller CK - CAC - BOB  
Dec-28-2010 Norsk Kennel Klub - International Nordic Marit Sunde 1 - 1 - Nordic Junior Winner!!  
April-24-2010 Frde Brukshundklubb Ritva Raita BOB puppy - 2. best Group 1  


Nemi - BOB puppy
2. Best in Group 1
Saturday 24th of April!!!


Congratulations to Nemi and
her owners!!!


Beginning of March! Lovely!!  


Nemi and Luno - best friends 23rd of February  


19th of February 


10 weeks old  


Nemi in her new home - 7th of February  


8 weeks old


7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old


2 days old


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